Ao nang krabi restaurant : A variety of delicious dishes

Ao nang krabi restaurant : A variety of delicious dishes Anyone who has plans to travel to Krabi popular tourist province with many interesting tourist attractions Whether it is sea water, islands, diving sites, including waterfalls, mountains, and many other beautiful landmarks, recommend places to visit in Krabi. not to be missed When you go, you have to travel to be worth it! And looking for a delicious restaurant, good atmosphere, come this way.

1. The Hilltop Aonang
The Hilltop Aonang, Krabi restaurant, good atmosphere, beautiful view, cool weather. Located on a hill overlooking the mountains and Ao Nang in a panoramic view. It’s a shop that can be called Perfect for having a special meal with your loved ones. For the store, it has a modern style design. which gives a comfortable feeling As for the food menu, there are many types to choose from.

2. Wang Sai Seafood Ao Nang
Wang Sai Seafood Ao Nang Krabi Restaurant which is famous for its seafood and local food very much It is also a restaurant with a good atmosphere. Located in Ao Nang area, next to the sea, making it possible to see beautiful views. and have a cool blow all the time which creates the atmosphere inside the shop to look as romantic as possible As for his food menu, it can be said that it is delicious, satisfying, and has a mouth-watering taste, plus there are no less than 50 menu items.

3. Krachanb Nam View Seafood
Krabi Restaurant Another famous restaurant in the province that is frequented by tourists continuously for Krachang Kanap Nam View Seafood Located along the Klang Island Canal which is surrounded by large and small trees make the atmosphere inside cool have a quiet Suitable for a very special meal. part of his food menu There is meticulousness in every step. with an emphasis on the flavor of the food to be delicious and intense in a spicy way that meets the taste of Thai people

4. Kotung
Ko Tung is a local restaurant of Krabi province. that has been open for more than 40 years, located in Krabi town with a casual atmosphere mixed with modern to match the lifestyle with the new generation As for the food menu, I must say that Packed with quality and deliciousness which is guaranteed by the old age of the shop that has been open for a long time There are many delicious dishes such as sour soup with snapper fish with young coconut shoots, boiled foot clams, deep-fried mackerel with soy sauce. Fish Maw in Red Soup

5. Ko Joi Fried Chicken Rice Noodles, Krabi
Kanom Jeen Ko Joi is an old Kanom Jeen shop. famous in Nuea Khlong District that has been with Krabi for more than several decades for his Chinese desserts Fresh noodles are made every day. It is also added to the flavor with spicy southern curry. which is very fascinated by local people and tourists For most of the customers who stop by to eat, they usually eat Kanom Jeen with liquid and order fried chicken to eat along with it.